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March 16, 2006


I was very interesed in the organic cotton rugs myself a while back and I found this site, I don't think they're organic (shame on them!), but they do offer this faq about cotton rugs:

Q: I am still slipping on my rug. What's wrong?

The rug works best when damp. If you are starting your practice dry, you will not achieve the best traction until your rug is slightly damp from sweating. We suggest, as they do in India, to sprinkle water on your rug at the hand and feet position before starting your practice. Only a small amount of water is necessary. Or, start your practice on your sticky mat, and when you start to sweat and slip on your sticky mat, then roll out your practice rug and the slipping will stop with the moisture from perspiration from your hands and feet.

Hope that helps!

I like to use these types of cotton mats as a cover for my hot yoga mat. That way I get the absorbancy of the cotton with the non-slip stickyness of my sticky mat (the best of both worlds).

Thanks for sharing!

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