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January 22, 2006


To Gemma,
I'm not sure where your getting you information or if you have confused me with someone else.
I DO have a 7 month old son though.
And no one can deny that, the bags underneath my tired mommy eyes prove that!

I almost feel sorry for you though, because with such a beautiful email address I would hope that you would be a little more grounded. It seems to me that you are trying to sabotage a new company that my family and I are so very thankful for. I won't stand to see that kind of negative behaivor. The owners have helped me far beyond just providing excellent food for my baby, they answer any questions that I have as a Brand new mommy!

Please review your facts and try to be more conscious of your comments.

And remember, I'm not the only Atourina out there.

I love you Bohemian Baby!

butterfly's email belongs to anni daulter one of the owners of "bohemian baby" - now reread that post - FUNNY STUFF

autrina is a friend of "butterfly" and she has no children. . .that post is REALLY funny.

anyone know tia foster? want to fill us in on who tia is?


Wow, I can't believe the Bohemian Baby people are posting e-mails promoting their business in such a disguised way on this website. Maybe they are really hurting for business or something and need good buzz???

I tasted Bohemian Baby's food at the Whole Children, Whole Planet Expo recently, and my husband and I both thought many of their dishes tasted like paste. Chalky paste. There's no way I'll feed Bohemian Baby food to my precious little ones. I've given my kids Homemade Baby's food for months now, and they LOVE it! Delivery is free (why should I have to pay for delivery, a set up kit/box, etc. when the price of pre-made organic baby food is already high?!?!)..... but even BETTER, you can now buy Homemade Baby's food at Whole Foods!! I went to the Brentwood store, it's $9.99 for a 6 pack (4 ounces per cup). That's a heck of a lot cheaper than Bohemian Baby's food by far. I frequently speak with the owners of Homemade Baby, and I keep pushing them to increase their product line. Believe me, they are working on it!!! They are EXTREMELY CAREFUL about how they make and seal their baby food. Not only is their kitchen Certified Organic (Bohemian Baby's isn't), but Homemade Baby pays big $$$ to an independent laboratory to physically test batches of their food BEFORE selling it to parents like us (Bohemian Baby doesn't). Can Bohemian Baby say the same for the quality standards Homemade Baby puts into its product line??? I don't want my kids eating food that is made in some kitchen with no certified standards, food that isn't heat treated to kill the bacteria, food that won't even last in my fridge for longer than a few days.

I learned about Homemade Baby through the Peachhead board. What a wonderful recommendation and find! Seems like tons of Peachhead moms are Homemade Baby enthusiasts and customers. Oooooh, as someone wrote earlier in one of these posts, "The more hip & zen choices, the better." I just think some choices are better than others out there. :)

Lisa Firestone

Hi everyone...sorry I've been out of pocket and missed this little brouhaha here.

Let me set some guidelines for polite discourse here, and I'm sorry, again, that I didn't step in earlier and do so.

Please refrain from accusations that can be neither confirmed nor denied about identity, kitchen standards and the like. It's wrong.

If you want to say which you like better and which tastes better and which is a better value (because you've tried them both so you actually know) then that's fine...the rest of this thread is disturbing, and I'll delete it all if it continues.

i feed my baby fresh organic produce that i grow myself, or that is grown by my organic neighborhood cooperative. i mill each precious little bite so that my beautiful son will taste only the love and goodness in each handcrafted spoonful!
and now it's time to (drumroll) cut the crap!
i don't do that, he's a toddler now so it's beside the point. i tried to do that at first but after having most of my offerings rejected (and all that time and effort wasted) i was pretty happy with jars (hear the crowd gasp) yes, jars, of earth's best or whatever well priced organic bodypaint aka babyfood was out there.
but for a moment, penning that first paragraph i enjoyed the reliving the self-righteous reverie that some of you seem pretty camped out in. motherhood is a blast, it is the most thoroughly selfless adventure and yet one that provokes so much self-examination. we're all doing our best most of the time. i wish you all lots of luck, love and perserverance--afterall our children will be sharing this planet.

Have you heard about Sprouts Baby Food Inc. in Seattle?

Sprouts offers fresh, organic baby food delivered to peoples homes in the Seattle area.

Have you heard about Sprouts Baby Food Inc. in Seattle?

Sprouts offers fresh, organic baby food delivered to peoples homes in the Seattle area.

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