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Thanks for hosting this week, Elisa. I'm pleased to be included in this edition but am wondering how you decided to include a post other than the one I submitted (without asking me first, I might add). It actually seems that the link I sent you would have fit this week's theme better. Maybe this is the host's prerogative that I wasn't aware of before.

WoW! Elisa, you did a fantastic job! Esp considering the tech issues you just wrote about.

Maybe I'm not the geek I thought I was, but I can't seem to find the "Pop Up Player" -- on the RH sidebar, or anywhere else. Am I just looking at it and not seeing it (happens to me at the grocery store all the time)?

Well done!

Hi Lei: Here is an excerpt from the host Guidelines: "4. It's ok to browse sites and pick what you want to post. I did this a fair amount -- maybe not enough."

I did this with a couple of sites. If you like I can email you offline about why.

Henry: I had the same problem at first. In the RH side bar you'll see the following sections: "Topics", "Podcast Feeds", "Editorial Feed" and then "FEATURED Podcasts." IN the "Featured Podcasts" section the very first thing is a link: "Listen now from our Pop-up PLayer." Click on that.

Well Elisa picked one I submitted AND one if didn't so I feel VERY special! Great job, Ms C.

Thanks Matthew. Actually your guest blogger submitted himself! So yes, you got 2 for the price of 1 :)

I'm flattered that you included one of my posts in this week's Grand Rounds, and am enjoying reading the other posts! Thank you.

Congratulations! Great job. I hope you can get to rest now and massage those hands and fingers tired from all the linking. :)

Congratulations! Great job. I hope you can get to rest now and massage those hands and fingers tired from all the linking. :)

Nice work! Where's next week hosted?

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